Nerf Battle Children’s Picture

Sand and a light blue sky put together to start out the portrait.

When it was decided that we would create a nerf battle portrait…the idea was to make it almost post apocalyptic looking. 

So I knew we’d go with just some brown dirt or sand for the ground and a simple sky in the background.

This was how it started out. 

But then it felt like it needed to be darker. So I brought in another sky I had that’s darker, darkened the sand and added a smidge of light to the right hand side to draw in the viewer’s eye across the portrait to the right.

I then added a skyline to the background so it would look like a city was behind them that could have been abandoned since there aren’t any lights on in these tall buildings.

Siblings added to the portrait. The two brothers are facing each other shooting a dart at each other. Little sister is hiding behind biggest brother with a little nerf pistol in hand.

Here I cut the three children off of the backgrounds they were photographed against and placed them where they needed to be in this scene with a bit of toning/coloring added.

Two brothers aiming at each other to shoot nerf guns and little sister hiding behind her oldest brother with a little nerf gun in hand.

Then the picture was finished up with some smoke, flying darts, and lighting to make it pop with all of their imagination!

With love,


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