This super cute mom was interested in a different family portrait. She has seven children who are all very active in sports and she was telling me how she basically lives her life revolving around all her children’s activities. 

That sounds exhausting to little me who only has three children. 

Then her husband chimed in that they have this big van for their big family and it should be included too!

So then I started asking questions to figure out how we were going to make this happen.

I ended up finding out that their children do almost all of their practicing in the front yard because they have a lot of animals in their backyard! 

And so the idea of this portrait was born!

We started with a picture of their front yard and the van.

Mom taking pictures of her children playing sports, son with his cowboy hat and animals, and son jumping a track and field hurdle.

I then added mom who is typically spending her children’s sport times busy taking pictures of her awesome children.

Their oldest child is now in college to become a vet and the family jokes that he’s a cowboy….so he put on his cowboy hat, rope, and was surrounded by animals for his part of the portrait.

Another brother is great at running track and even practices jumping over hurdles in their front yard!

Then I added a brother whose favorite sport is baseball, another brother who loves football, and their daughter who loves volleyball!

And last, but not least, the basketball players, their father, and their sweet dog were added. 

Added some coloring and lighting to the sports family portrait in Orlando Florida.

Then I added some lighting to their portrait to get it ready for digital painting! 

And then it was digitally painted.

Painted portrait of the sports family in Orlando Florida.

Here are some close ups of the digital painting.

Close up of mom with her camera and the cowboy son with his animals. Orlando Florida Family Portraits
Football painted portrait Orlando, Fl.
Basketball playing children and dad recording video family portrait Orlando, FL.

They actually preferred the more digital version of their painted portrait so I left it as this for printing onto a stunning metal piece. 

I hope you loved celebrating this super sporty family as much as I have!



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