Family Painted Portrait at The Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida.

Boy throwing oranges at a shocked cow who likes to eat oranges, baby boy flying out of monster truck school bus while mom looks up from her knitting shocked, dad target practicing with his faithful hunting dog with a giant teepee and creamsicle in the background. Family portraits in Orlando Florida.

This full of life mom contacted me for a family portrait that would be different and that her husband would tolerate. I’m all for different, and I super love impressing husbands with how efficient and fun my portraits are to make.

BUT, when she filled out her questionnaire she mostly filled it with information about knitting and farmers markets and I honestly thought we wouldn’t be a good fit, because most of my portraits are much more high energy. 

Anyway, during our phone call I discovered The Showcase of Citrus in Clermont as she had me crying tears of pure happiness as she described her very sweet & fun family and all the fun things they love doing there!

That’s when we knew this had to happen at the showcase. 

I called and was given permission to come over and create most of this portrait there. (Dogs and guns are not permitted there.)

So that’s what we did. 

Painted white fluffy clouds against a blue sky family portrait in Orlando FL.

I started with the sky and clouds.

Little boy throwing an orange with Australian animals looking at him. Different family portrait Orlando FL

Then added the grasses, dirt, animals, and buildings…so I could put in her silly family! Her son LOVES giving oranges to cows so he wanted to quickly throw an orange in this portrait. (The cows here LOVE eating oranges as much as their son LOVES throwing them!)

We tried so hard to get his little surprise reflex going, but he was so exhausted when we were together that he just needed to nap. So we went with it and let him sleep while flying through the air! (Okay I don’t actually throw children in the air for these portraits. He was actually on a table and perfectly safe the whole time.) 

Mom knitting in a monster truck school bus and freaking out as her child goes flying out the side of the bus. Different and fun painted family portraits Orlando Fl

The monster truck school buses that give guests tours at the showcase, of course, had to be included. We thought it’d be funny to include mom’s knitting with the hilarity of the school bus and her freaking out that her baby is flying out of the monster truck school bus!

Next, we headed out to their home to get an image of dad with his hunting rifle that’s been passed down through the family. 

Dog family portrait Orlando, FL.

His trusty hunting dog was an absolute little lady the whole time I was there and she politely struck a pose for this portrait like the fantastically trained dog that she is!

And that’s how this silly and very different family painted portrait created to celebrate a fun family activity that their family currently enjoys turned out. 

When I showed them their painted portrait they ALL screamed and freaked out, so I think they enjoyed it…you know…just a little bit. 🙂

I hope you loved celebrating this silly family as much as I have!



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