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Our six step process

to a portrait that’s as unique as you


1. Consultation

We’ll go over your personality types and design your portrait based on what makes you passionate about life and if you need a realistic fantastical portrait or a fantastical family portrait.


2. Photography

We’ll photograph everyone and everything we need in your portrait so we can have that as a reference for your painted masterpiece.


3. Composite

Compositing the image in photoshop puts together the pieces of the puzzle to create a framework for your painting.


4. Your Portrait's Finish

We offer two types of finishes that we will show you at your design appointment.

Mixed Media Finish: The composited image is digitally painted, printed on a giclée canvas, lightly painted with an acrylic, and sealed.

Painted Finish: The portrait is completely painted on canvas with oils or acrylics and sealed.

(Businesses that are interested in a portrait that could be subjected to the elements are encouraged to let Isabel know this when first inquiring. We do have a solution for you with a digital painting and a metal portrait.)


5. Frame the Portrait

Love a modern, classical, colorful, or even a frame fit for talking wizard portraits? We can handle that, using only museum quality frames of course.


6. Presentation Party...

…in your home with your closest friends and family. You’re going to love this, why not share it with the world?!

Choose the best experience for you

We have options for regular family portraits, a realistic fantastical family portrait, and a fantastical family portrait

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