I’ve had some requests come in from families looking for a “mini session” type of session for their children. 

I’m fine with giving this a trial run if there’s enough interest. 

Here’s an example of how one session would run:

  1. We’d start with a theme, this example session is Valentine’s. 
  2. Your child chooses his or her background.
  3. Your child then poses for the background on the day of the session. 
  4. Your child is placed onto the background with extra editing included so he or she looks like he or she should be there. 
  5. Your child chooses one extra addition to his or her portrait.
  6. Then you choose how you want the portrait to be displayed in your home – Matted Print, Canvas, or Metal. 
  7. Come pick up your masterpiece & some cupcakes just for fun. 
Looks like a paper cut out scene of green mountains, little green trees, a blue sky with a big rainbow and clouds, bright golden sun, and a big red heart balloon.

Above is one of the backgrounds available for Valentine’s sessions. 

Then I took a picture of my daughter, placed her in the scene with a shadow and made sure her coloring and lighting looked like it worked with the scene. 

Girl grabbing giant heart balloon standing in grass with green mountains, blue sky, a big rainbow with clouds, and a bright sun that looks like a cut out paper scene.

The last touch was adding some grass to the scene. It was originally made to look like the child was floating up into the sky while holding onto the heart balloon. BUT, she wanted to look like she was on the ground, so grass was added. 

I do need a minimum of five families in order to do these mini sessions, so if you’re interested in the next one…fill out the form below to show your interest. 

Have a happy day out there!