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On cloud 9


This family contacted me very close to the end of mom’s pregnancy (with twin boys!) to do an experimental session. As all moms know, those last weeks before baby(ies) come…we’re pretty much miserable. So asking them to come to Universal to photograph their session was out of the question. I went to their home to photograph them one afternoon and then headed to Universal on another day to photograph their favorite areas in the park. With mom being so very pregnant, they missed going to theme parks…so this became their happy portrait! I call it “On Cloud 9”.


1) Diagon Alley scene

2) The fire came from another photograph where it turned out better.

3) Their oldest loves reading Harry Potter and is a Gryffindor!

4) Lots of people had to be taken out of this photograph.

5) His patronus.

6) This is a family of Libertarians and they even have the flag in their front yard…so why not put it in here?!

7) The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (RRR) is mom & dad’s favorite coaster in Universal!

8) Another part of RRR

9) The coaster’s cart

10) Mom loves to read and ride roller coasters

11) Dad loves to tinker and ride roller coasters

12) The Universal arches

13) The globe that everyone loves to take their picture in front of

14) Hello Kitty blowing a kiss

15) Jaws, because everyone misses Jaws

16) Woody’s sign

17) Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Roller Coaster

18) The coaster cart for Woody Woodpecker

19) I had to flip the words on the coaster because that part of the track actually faces the other direction.

20) The middle child

21) The middle child’s favorite video game turned into a wormhole with soccer balls coming out of it. (It’s this fun game where trucks explode while playing soccer!)

22) A sky with wispy clouds, just because I always think those are happy skies.

23) Another sky with fluffy clouds…to make it look like Universal is their “Cloud 9”.

24) And once this was all composited, it was painted!

Thanks, guys, for a really fun portrait!


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With love,


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