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The Force of Family


The Kunz family hadn’t had their family photographed in years and when they heard about my experimental sessions, they jumped at the chance!

They love Star Wars, spending weekends at the beach and going out for ice cream afterwards. I break down each element of this portrait below:

1) The moon, but some see it as the Death Star.

2) Stars in outerspace.

3) Their oldest son with his lightsaber. I added special effects in photoshop.

4) Their middle son with his lightsaber that prefers the dark side. I added special effects in photoshop.

5) Their youngest son who is too young to chose the light or dark side…but we think he’ll enjoy the light side for a while. I added special effects in photoshop.

6) Transition area between environments.

7) The beach scene

8) BB8 enjoying hearing the oldest son’s stories he loves to share.

9) The oldest son sharing a story while enjoying his ice cream.

10) Mom and the baby. He’s a little cuddle buddy.

11) Dad enjoying his ice cream.

12) Their middle son is fast…and since he enjoys the dark side…

13) We let him run with BB9E….

14) After R2D2 (luckily R2 is pretty fast too!)

15) This portrait was then digitally painted after all this photoshop work, printed on canvas, and painted with oils to make a stunning portrait that will last a life time on this family’s wall!

If you’d like a fun family portrait that shows off your family’s happiness, like the one above, feel free to give me a call at +1 (407) 756-8094  to schedule your consultation!


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