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Isabel Azalia

Hi! I’m Isabel and I create different family portraits.

If you’re ready to take your family portraits to the next level – you’ve come to the right place!

I help families create a portrait that tells a story about each person’s personality and how that makes their family fun!

I see the world as just a bunch of different characters that are put together to make everything beautiful, fun, exciting, and extraordinarily fantastic; and I ADORE helping families see that in themselves.

The process begins with personality tests and a questionnaire that help create the initial designs.

Next we sprinkle in a little bit of each person’s character and a back drop for the whole scene.

Heirlooms that the family cherishes are then added into the portrait and it’s all placed on a metal or canvas medium so the family can enjoy their own art for generations to come!

Ready to Create Your Unique Portrait?

I work with families that want a family portrait that’s unique to them.

You were created to be a unique masterpiece with all kinds of skills and talents that you bring into this world. You chose a dynamic spouse to create an amazing family with and your children bring so much joy and imagination into your home…even on the imperfect days. From these talents, personalities, and imagination – we’ll bring your portrait to life. It’s time to let your family shine in their own piece of art work that will look like a wonderful memory hanging on your wall.

The only limit to the portrait of your dreams – is your own imagination!

Through my perceptively hand crafted process we will create a portrait experience that creates a masterpiece that will become a precious family heirloom. This experience includes:

  • Personality quizzes which teach us how each member of your family should dress for their portrait and the level of energy each person should have in your commission.
  • Design appointment where we develop the story for your masterpiece and include intricate details.
  • Hair and make up for mom on the day of photography.
  • Photograph the people and details going into the painted portrait.
  • An installation party where your masterpiece is hung and we celebrate YOUR FAMILY, the muse of the commission!

Just like you, I’ve played many characters in life.

These are my favorites:




I also love swimming, roller coasters, beach days, theatre, figure skating, inventing, Tae Kwon Do, and homeschooling my children (below)!

I’m a happy mom to three awesome children with wild imaginations and wife to a very caring and analytical husband. I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for my undergrad and spent most of my time there focused on nano technology. My master’s took me to the University of Cincinnati for Information Systems and I went to General Electric after that as a project manager in charge of solving problems between several databases that pushed and pulled information from airplanes all over the world.

While working for GE I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest son. I attempted to stay in the corporate world after having him, but between my husband’s work schedule, my work schedule, and the demands of a baby – it was best that I quit. So, I quit.

I’m one of those people who can never stay idle, so as soon as I quit I started working as hard as I could on my business. I started out photographing weddings, then families, then high school seniors, and even dabbled in boudoir for a hot second…but none of them gave me the challenge that I really wanted.

Once I started using personality tests with my client experience, I discovered that I could make very simple composites of my clients based on their personalities…and most people found these fascinating. I then decided to make my composites way more complex and digitally paint them to see how they turned out. They were phenomenal from the beginning and I’ve decided to stick with them!

Now my commissions make most of my clients hold their breath as they take in their masterpiece and then start laughing over how great their portrait is! It gives me the complex problem solving I was missing and fills my clients with delight. I’d call that a win-win.

If you are ready for a very different and stunning piece of art to preserve your family’s memories, this portrait is for you!

Isabel has a deep passion for keeping families together and helping them thrive through all the difficulties life throws at us. Therefore 5% of her commissions are donated to either:

Compassion International where the money is used to help families in Bolivia with infants who might give their child to an orphanage if the family does not have enough money to support another child in the family.


The Family Forward Foundation which empowers families who’ve wrongly been separated to get the legal help they need so they can be reunited.

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