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Children’s Fantastical Pictures

Immortalize their smiles and imaginations

Does photographing your children feel like herding cats?

It did for me. 

Then one day I asked my own children to use their imaginations and we came up with something super fun. It was super easy and quick to photograph them and they were completely in love with their portrait. 

And you know what’s the best part? 

Their smiles are real, their imagination is remembered forever, and the portrait will make you smile for forever. 

Our Process To Wow


Your child(ren)'s personalities, interests, and imagination will design their awesome portrait.


We’ll photograph your child(ren) doing what he/she/they love so it feels like it's just one big play date. We normally do this in the morning and leave you with some snacks as you head out to lunch so we can prepare for your guided art experience that afternoon. You can also add a complimentary family pictures session to any of the composite collections.


It's time to celebrate your children with this very unique and fun masterpiece that will only appreciate in value as time marches forward!


Your child has an amazing imagination. Let’s celebrate it with an amazing piece of art that shows that imagination, how your children can work together for greatness, and make it so awesome that all of you smile each time you see it in your home.

Virtual Sessions are now available for these fantastical children’s pictures! All you need is a strong internet connection and a good camera phone and amazing things can happen from anywhere in the world! 


Three finishes to choose from so your family can enjoy the kind of art they love!

No sitting fees, just shopping sprees! Pick the size and finish you love most and Isabel will create your custom piece of art that will stop your guests in their tracks when they come to your home (and even make them laugh)!

A fun family pictures session is also included with your fantastical children’s portrait.

50% due to schedule your session and the remainder two days before your child’s session.

Print Prices

Mounted Prints

Begin at $870

Metal Prints

Begin at $1,100

Wrapped Canvas

Begin at $1,060

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