Have you ever had a new client come in the door and you’ve struggled to figure out how to connect with them?

Would your whole client experience completely change for the better if you could connect with them quickly and know what they will struggle with before the session? Do you want to have a proactive approach to helping them prepare for a portrait session so they can feel completely taken care of and love your experience from beginning to end?

If you answered “Yes” to both of the above questions…this is for you!

My personality tests can be completed in less than 10 minutes and once you know your client’s personalities…you can be ready to proactively help them with their needs BEFORE the portrait session ever happens!

Will your clients need lots of help with clothing styles before the session, but be amazing with dates, times, locations, and prices? Will they be amazingly creative, but have no idea if they can really afford you? Or will everything absolutely overwhelm them and you’ll need to hold their hands through the entire process?

After a decade in this business, I’ve seen all of the above. But once I developed my personality tests, I was able to become proactive about my client’s personalities and become their expert to help them through my entire process! They feel like I understand them, anticipate their needs, and love my entire experience! And best of all…now your clients can experience this same level of help with you as their expert!

I have a set of personality tests for every niche! Just grab yours and go…or purchase the whole collection for those who photograph a bit of everything!

What’s Included:

  • .PSD customizable files so you can put your brand’s logo and colors on your personality tests
  • Details about each personality type so you can be ready to help your clients
  • Additional details about each personality type to help them during the purchasing appointment
  • Facebook group where I can answer any questions you have


To hear more….check out this recorded interview I did with Tiffinbox about the personality quizzes!