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Legoland is Awesome


This summer my in-laws got together for a day of fun and cousin crazy-ness at Legoland Florida. Since my mother in law is getting older and can’t go on these trips anymore, I create a fantastical portrait for her instead each year for her to hang on her walls. She loves them!

This painting was rather difficult to make because I had to photograph it in the morning and the lighting in the front under the sign is very harsh in the mornings….but some times you’re stuck with what you’ve got!

I ended up re-photographing five people for this piece to just make it tell a better story and painting them in to get closer to what I was feeling for this portrait.

When I make my clients go through my long process to come to a really great game plan for photographing everything in the painting…it’s always to avoid these problems. Anyway, lesson learned!

Here is the awesomely fantastical painting!

And the pieces that were photographed for the painting are listed below:


1. Wyld Style – because it just felt like she should be in here with us. 🙂

2. My sister in law and brother in law hugging.

3. A big dragon made out of bricks. (We wanted to use a dinosaur because the boys at numbers four and five LOVE dinos right now…but the dragon just worked better for the portrait!)

4. My nephew running with or from the dragon.

5. Another nephew running with or from the dragon.

6. My sister in law telling the kids to slow down!

7. Another nephew running with the dragon!

8. A niece running with her older cousins.

9. My sister in law and brother in law hugging.

10. Emmet, because it felt like he should be in here with us. 🙂

11. This is the Legoland sign you see when coming in. This was actually created out of about five different pictures I took.

12. The Unikitty ride with all the bigger boys on it!

13. The sky.

14. My daughter who at the last minute decided she wanted to ride the dragon too. JA!

15. My crazy husband.

16. My brother in law directing the dragon!

17. Me jumping off the sign to join in on the fun!

18. A piece of the track from this ride that I split in two to make it look like these nieces are on this ride.

19. My nieces on the horse ride!

20. Then I painted the whole entire piece in photoshop and left some areas very thickly painted so their details wouldn’t come through and distract the viewer from the fun people in the painting.

Thanks so much for looking!




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