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Dinos and Energy!


Mom scheduled a session with me because my sessions are awesome, of course! She and her husband are total Peacemakers who love Universal. Their sons are the opposite of Peacemakers and have TONS of energy and love Dinos! (I mean, dinos are pretty awesome!)

Okay, so off we went to Islands of Adventure to photograph the family. They love Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Super Heroes so we hit all of those places right after the park opened!



Oh and what happened to Jurassic Park? Eh, well we made this!


Since their sons are full of energy and LOVE the idea of being attacked by dinos, well, I let them be attacked.

The run down of the pieces put into this painting are below:


1) Beautiful blue Florida sky.

2) The top piece of the right side of this arch.

3) Top left piece of the left side of this arch.

4) The bottom piece of the entire arch.

5) Jurassic Park letters that are typically bright red were taken down to a lighter almost pink for this piece to fit the colorings.

6) T-rex, because who doesn’t love a T-rex?

7) Background shrubbery.

8) Pteranodon, because both boys wanted to be carried away by this giant beast.

9) The oldest being carried away.

10) Velociraptor, because he’s cool and I couldn’t fit two Pteranodons in this scene.

11) The middle child, because he’s kinda fast, and also because I had to merge 4 images I had of him to make his arm stand out so it could be eaten by the velociraptor. (I didn’t have the proper images of the oldest to do this with him so he got to be the one chosen to be carried off by the pteranodon. Sounds fair, right?)

12) Mom, because she’s an awesome runner. 😉

13) Dad and baby, because we all know the baby couldn’t keep up with the family if a T-rex were coming after them. Duh.

14) Lots of paint. This one took what felt like forever to finish. 🙂

Thanks for being such a joyful family to work with! You guys are truly a treasure!



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