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I am thankful for you.


I am so grateful for each and every person in my life….

My Family 👇

My Husband:

👨‍🚀He’s great at teaching our kiddos how to ride bikes.

👨‍🚀He loves instilling a love for math and science into our children.

👨‍🚀He’s an aeronautical engineer who loves making children laugh when he teaches them how to 💩 in space! 

👨‍🚀And the quickest way to his heart is with great food and a funny dad joke!

My oldest son:

👦 He’s starting to sleep in like a teenager! 😲

👦He’s a great helper to his younger siblings and looks out for them when they’re outside going crazy. 

👦His curiosity is never ending! 

👦His lego creations are the stuff of legends.

My middle child/son:

👦Is a living, breathing, real life cartoon character! 

👦He lives to entertain the world.

👦He loves celebrating others’ accomplishments!

👦And, just like his father, all he needs is a corny joke and some good food to make his world a paradise.

My daughter:

👧 is wired to compete with her older brothers.

👧 loves to dance to everything!

👧 celebrates every single lucky penny she ever finds…and she finds a lot of them!

👧 can now read and is discovering a whole new world that’s just fascinating to her!


And I’m going to do this mamas because we need to remember to celebrate ourselves! 🎉

👩‍🎨My health has significantly improved this year!

👩‍🎨I have so much more energy to play with my children and they love that!

👩‍🎨2020 has been wild and sad, but with a little creativity and a desire for fun…my family has made our home-life better and more fun.

👩‍🎨Life is better with those I love.

My clients 👇

And last, but not least, my business could not exist without my wonderful clients.

Thank you for letting me into your awesome lives and families and entrusting me to create something beautiful. It’s a true delight creating for you and thank you for joining me on this journey. 🙏

With that said, I’m turning off the tech and enjoying a few days off for Thanksgiving. 🦃🙏🥐

See your beautiful faces for a Black Friday special! 😘



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