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For my mother in law


Meet my mother in law.

Her name was Mercedes and she raised five boys all by herself after fleeing socialism in Central America and surviving being shot by an M1 Garand. 

She loved celebrating her sons accomplishments and special days. 

Her most favorite thing in the world, though, were her grandchildren. She always wanted a portrait with all of her sons and grandchildren in it. I made some attempts to get this to happen, but never quite made it. Here was my closest attempt that she immediately hung on her wall and would tell me how everyone who came to her home loved it. (And, yes, it was a Christmas present.)

We’re missing her pretty badly as we approach one month of her living in heaven. 

Hug your loved ones, take pictures with grandma, and send grandma lots of pictures. You won’t regret it, trust me. 

On another note, a friend’s father passed away just a few months before my mother in law did. She is a photographer and always meant to take more pictures of her father and her father with her children. He unexpectedly passed – leaving her with this goal she kept pushing off to never be fulfilled. If you’re in need of updated family pictures click the schedule now button above and fill out the form. I’m giving away 25 fun family pictures sessions to celebrate your family as you are right now. (Also to make up for that contest I flaked out on the morning my mother in law passed.) 

Love and hugs to you,


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