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Baseball & Fall


This family absolutely loves fall…and they live in Florida. Yeah, I know.

So for their family painting, they asked for a portrait that put them in fall. Dad used to play baseball in college and still loves to play it with his oldest son, while mom is currently exhausted with another newborn in the family. Since they have the newborn, they were happy to have a family photography session with this to capture the baby in his cuteness with their beautiful family.

1. Since dad is leading the action in this portrait, I started with him.

2. I tried so many fall landscapes before I thought this one would be best.

3. Sun peaking in through the trees.

4. Mom with their newest cutie relaxing…since we all know new moms need to relax.

5. Their oldest son diving to catch dad’s ball.

6. Baseball glove

7. The ball with some extra motion

8. Dust kicking up as he dives to catch dad’s ball

9. They love pumpkins…so I spent some time in my neighbor’s lawn painting in this pumpkin! JA!

10. Last, but not least, I painted this whole piece together in Photoshop so it would be ready for the acrylic brush strokes.

And here are a few of their family portraits from their family portrait session that’s included with all of the painting experiences.


They are more into portraits that are a little bit darker or moodier, so that was the attempt here!

It was a bright day when I photographed them, but they like autumn. So for this portrait I took out the bright sky, added a darker one, changed the color of the grass around them to feel more fall-like, and added some color changed leaves to the background.


A family hug with their darker/moodier style. 🙂

Thanks so much for coming by!




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