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The mom who likes to knit…


I received a very tame and simple questionnaire from a mom this fall who said her family likes to do local things and she likes to knit. For those of you who haven’t been through my experience, I ask lots of questions and even go over personality tests with my clients to help create the amazing paintings that are full of fun. I really wasn’t sure that we would be a good fit at this point.

But, we chatted on the phone and she told me about one of the local things her family loves to do. It’s going to the Showcase of Citrus in Clermont Florida. I’d never heard of it, so she explained further that it’s this very eclectic place with all kinds of different animals, lots of citrus, and these cows that love to have oranges thrown at them from school bus monster trucks (the cows eat the oranges and you can feel how excited they are to eat these oranges when a school bus monster truck comes around the corner and blows its horn that sings).

I cracked up laughing at this point because I went from expecting this really chill family that maybe was too chill for my crazy images to something that was amazingly hilarious!

Anyway, I called the Showcase of Citrus and was given the owner’s email address so I could ask permission to photograph this family on her property and create this crazy fun image. She quickly agreed to it and was even very helpful the day we were there!

So without further ado…here is what was created!


The sky:

1. A puffy cloud.

2. Another set of clouds.

3. Big blue sky with some sun peeking into the bottom.

The left side:

4. The main building at the Showcase of Citrus.

5. A big “Jaws” type shark they have hanging there.

6. A surprised cow.

7. Grass with two cows.

8. An emu.

9. A kangaroo.

10. A bunch of oranges.

11. Their oldest son throwing oranges at the surprised cow.

The middle:

12. Their youngest son being thrown out of the monster school bus while sleeping soundly.

13. The monster school bus that was manipulated several times over to create this kind of a cartoon look.

14. Mom is knitting and freaking out that her son is being thrown from the monster school bus.

The right side:

15. Dad likes target practice. (We did not photograph this at the Showcase of Citrus. Firearms are not allowed there and it is not a gun range.)

16. Their faithful hunting dog.

17. Giant teepee, creamsicle, and some of the citrus trees growing in the background.

18. Different grass.

19. A target. (This is not at the Showcase of Citrus, target practice does not happen there.)

I put them all together in photoshop and then painted the whole portrait. They cracked up laughing when they saw this portrait, her husband and oldest son quickly expressed their need to have this hanging on their wall at home, and immediately went with a 30″ for their wall and totally loved every single thing about this!

Thank you so much for reading and a BIG THANK YOU to Tara at the Showcase of Citrus for allowing all of this to happen!

Love and hugs,


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