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Family Camping

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This is a personal piece.

My in-laws all go camping at Fort Wilderness at Disney World each year. It’s a very fun “family reunion” experience with lots of people and so much cousin play time, it’s ridiculous. My mother in law is getting older and can’t handle the all day long heat, sleeping on the floor, and lots of walking…so she doesn’t go.

For Christmas, I decided I would create this for her to celebrate her sons, their wives, all those grandchildren who have delighted her, and give her a glimpse of the fun we have together! She loved it and immediately hung it on her wall. 

The break down of the painting is below:

1. Cloud that was painted into the sky

2. A butterfly

3. The sky

4. A rainbow that’s been painted into the sky by the three girls

5. Another cloud that was painted into the sky

6. My niece painting the rainbow

7 & 8. Butterflies

9. The cloud that’s supporting my niece painted into the sky

10. Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) as a cloud since it was my mother in law’s Christmas gift.

11 & 12 & 13. Painted clouds

14. My niece painting the rainbow

15. My nephew being launched out of the hammock by his older siblings

16. My son being launched out of the hammock by his older cousins

17. My niece drinking a juice box and painting the rainbow

18. A s’more that my brother in law would be eating

19. My brother in law

20. Candy canes my brother in law is lifting like weights

21. My brother in law

22. A turkey. There are lots of wild turkeys there.

23. The s’more my sister in law would be eating

24. My sister in law

25. The picnic table

26. My nephew throwing a water balloon

27. Our giant tent

28. My son throwing a water balloon

29. My brother in law bringing burgers to the grill

30. Painted in fire getting huge

31. The grill

32. My husband, the grill master

33. My niece pretending to throw a water balloon

34. My sister in law getting ready to catch her flying son

35. Me attempting to catch my flying son

36. My sister in law ready to catch her flying son

37. My nephew who was launched by his older cousins

38 & 39. Water balloons my niece and daughter were throwing at their cousins for launching the smaller boys

40. My daughter

41. The pole holding up one side of the hammock

42. Water balloon exploding as it hits the concrete

43. The sand/dirt at the camp site

44. The parking spot at the camp site

45. The hammock from Nicaragua

46 & 47. My older nephews who are launching their smaller boy cousins

48. A smaller nephew being launched

49. There are actually a lot of trees around each camp site, but I decided to put grass in this portrait just so all of these people would be easier to see.

50. Baby deer

51. Water and electricity for the camp site that is in or on this “stump” that’s at the front of each camp site.

52. Then the whole piece was painted in photoshop so it would be ready for the acrylic brush strokes.

Whew. That was a lot. I hope you loved it!




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