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The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together


This family is very active. Both parents enjoy working out and their children are in lots of sports activities! They also have a huge love of Disney World, so much so, that they are planning to move to Orlando in the near future.

For their portrait, I narrowed down what they each really love to do together. Mom and dad like to relax together most and have coffee. Their daughter loves gymnastics the most, while their son loves Karate the most.

Normally, I have each person dress according to their personality, but this portrait required particular outfits for each person.

Here’s the breakdown:


1) Since the parents had blue in their matching Mickey Mouse t-shirts and daughter had purple in her leotard, I went with this sky to compliment all the colors.

2) A Mickey balloon to carry the parents away, painted in photoshop.

3) Mom and dad together with their favorite coffee mugs from their alma mater.

4) Strings to attach the basket to the balloon.

5) A hot air balloon basket.

6) Grass

7) Their daughter doing a favorite gymnastics move.

8) Their son in the middle of a kick.

9) Last, but not least, the whole image was painted to prepare it for acrylic brush strokes.

This family isn’t into family pictures being up on their walls, but they loved this unique piece!

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