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The adventure that is life


Life is an Adventure

Jill & Kevin (they are in the raft) are from England and they really really enjoy the Universal parks. In fact, they tend to come to Florida 3-4 times a year to hang out at Universal…sometimes even for weeks!

This was created to celebrate their love of one of the parks, Islands of Adventure, their favorite ride in that park, and their friends.

Jill is a Creative personality type and her husband Kevin is a Problem Solver personality type. Those are the two personality types with tons of energy and I really love this combination for all the energy it brings to the portrait! They also LOVE wearing matching themed outfits every day at the parks (sometimes they even have two outfits for a day) and are known for their clothes that celebrate Universal. They chose to wear matching 2018 Universal shirts and matching quick dry shorts for their portrait. We put them on Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges at Islands of Adventure since that’s their favorite ride there!

There are lots more details to share so let’s break this portrait down by the numbers above.

1) Jill & Kevin in the raft. I really didn’t think this would be the image for this portrait, but it worked out best! They were rotated and I therefore had to re-rotate their shirts so they wouldn’t be mirrored.

2) Taken from a portrait of the ocean splashing against some rocks. I needed bigger splashes than this ride actually has for this portrait and this is what worked.

3) Taken from another portrait of the ocean splashing against a dock since I needed that extra spray that comes out of huge splashes to make this look some what realistic.

4) Jill & Kevin requested my family be placed in the portrait. We actually met because they were asking to borrow some children so they could ride Pteranodon Flyers (you need a child to accompany you on the ride and their children are grown). So number four is my youngest child acting like she was about to get splashed by all the water!

5) This is my oldest son and a water cannon. I photographed the cannon from the boat and him separately acting like he was about to get splashed. I also added the water he was shooting out of his cannon at the Jill & Kevin. (The big boat has cannons on it so you can shoot the raft passengers with water as they pass by…because this ride doesn’t get you soaked enough already! 🙂 )

6) The water here was photographed at Universal in front of the area where this ride is.

7) My husband and a water cannon. He was also photographed separately from the cannon and I added water so he could splash Jill & Kevin.

8) This boat is the main theming point for this ride. It is actually a play area for children who are too short to ride and has the water cannons to help soak the passengers even more.

9 & 10) This is their friend Amy. She’s very sweet and loves Harry Potter and beer…so I made Hogwarts her patronus and photographed her drinking a beer while she conjures up her patronus.

11) The sky. During the time Jill & Kevin were visiting we were getting way more rain than normal that left us with beautiful cotton candy skies. I combined two different photographs of cotton candy skies to create a beautifully pink one for this portrait.

12) The back end of the Pteranodon Flyers. I had to split this ride into two photographs to make it work.

13) Pteranodon flyers. This is me and my middle child. Since this is the ride that connected us, I felt like it should be included in the portrait.

14) The lighthouse you see as you come into the park.

15 & 16 & 17) Their friend Chuck. He writes for the Orlando Informer for fun and is known for enjoying tasting various alcoholic beverages throughout the parks. One of his favorite areas in this park is Seuss Landing so he was put on the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley while holding a beer that he’s trying not to drop. (Please don’t try to take a beer on this ride, they won’t let you.)

18) This is another layer of the sky that I put over certain areas of the portrait so it would look like they are in the sky enjoying their adventure.

19) Once this whole portrait was worked out in photoshop, I then painted it with oils and this was the final result.

Here’s a look at the painting without the numbers added in.

I want to thank everyone for being such good sports for this portrait. It was a difficult one to make, but I think the final painting was well worth it!

Be Awesome & Thanks for looking!


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