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Home School Science


I started off 2019 by creating a portrait of my own children. I call it “Home School Science” and it was inspired by a field trip to Kennedy Space Center.


Here’s the breakdown of what was included in this painting….


1. The logo on his shirt was distracting so I removed it.

2. The middle child would be covering his ears because the blast of the rocket taking off would be too loud for him.

3. The youngest child would tell on her brothers for setting this rocket off in the back yard and this is the stance she takes when she’s getting ready to tell on her brothers!

4. Grass, not all grass is the same.

5. The flames from the rocket were taken from several images of fire.

6. The oldest would be the one who tinkered enough with the rocket to set it off and the blast would blow him to the ground.

7. The rocket. It’s from the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center.

8. The sky. I chose one that’s full of colors because I felt like it would be best to bring in the pink of the little girl and the awesome colors of how much fun it is to launch a rocket.

9. Then the whole piece was painted in photoshop.

Last, but not least, the answer to the question “How long did this take to create?”. Well, this portrait took about 11 hours to make from start to finish.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with all your little and big loved ones!



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