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The Beach & Forest


This family is equally split between their love of the beach and hikes in the forest, so their portrait was created with both!

Dad loves to surf, oldest brother is a bit of a perfectionist and makes amazingly perfect sand castles, and the youngest brother tries to break all of his oldest brother’s amazing sand castles!

Their daughter loves girl scouts and sketching animals she finds in the forest. Mom just likes to be with her family taking it all in while on hikes, and the middle son loves to run fast through the forest.

The portrait is broken down below:

  1. Colorful sky to represent their happiness
  2. A big wave
  3. Dad surfing
  4. Water splashing
  5. The surfboard
  6. Their oldest son proud of his sand castle
  7. The sand castle
  8. The youngest son intently trying to destroy the sand castle
  9. More sun painted in
  10. Their daughter sketching an owl she sees in the forest
  11. Mom taking it all in while enjoying her family
  12. Their middle son running fast
  13. The owl their daughter is sketching
  14. The piece was painted in Photoshop to prepare it for the acrylic paint

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