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Backyard Pool


This family wanted to have six month old portraits of their twin boys and, of course, I was happy to oblige.

They’ve been staying closer to home with twin babies (Even living in Orlando, I would be staying close to home instead of hitting theme parks with twin babies!) so it seemed fitting to create this portrait in the back yard pool. They all love to spend time there and the twins are so calm in the water, it was just a perfect scenario.

The breakdown of this portrait is below:

  1. The sky was very pretty that evening when I photographed them, but above the house it just looked lighted a slightly tinted purple. I thought sprucing it up a bit would help.
  2. The house was created out of three pictures of the home that I put together.
  3. The middle child loves this float and loves to spray everyone in his path.
  4. I painted in the spray coming from his water gun on the float.
  5. Mom reading a book loved by Libertarians.
  6. Their oldest son loves to swim laps, so he’s swimming laps for this portrait!
  7. One twin just hanging out and enjoying putting a toy in his mouth.
  8. Another twin who was attempting to nap.
  9. Splashes of water that were painted in.
  10. Dad cannon-balling into the water. It took several attempts to make this work and he was such a good sport!
  11. More water overly dramatically spilling out of the pool.
  12. Some tree leaves from one of their backyard trees. I added them to the foreground for some extra depth.
  13. Then the whole image was painted so it would be ready for acrylic brush strokes.

These guys were great and fun to work with, again, as usual…and their friends all love this portrait!

Thanks so much and have a super fantastical day!




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