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The Lobos Family

The Lobos family was a very unexpected client and I’ll tell you why. Mom called me asking for just a little limited edition session at first, but then when I explained to her all that I do…she booked a full stress free session with me.

You see, her husband is a quadriplegic and they have tried to have family portraits made before, but the other photographers were so focused on dad’s wheel chair that they never really captured the family’s spirit (which runs so very much deeper and wider than some little stinking wheel chair). Anyway, I’d be lying to you if I told you I thought the wheel chair would be a total breeze, but I did my research, studied up on so many different ways to pose them, and also put them through my personality tests and family questionnaire to get to know them. In the end, they were super happy and mom was so grateful that she finally had her “stress free” family portrait session with images that she LOVED afterwards. (That is actually why my top session is called “stress free” 70% of my own clients call it that and the other 30% call it “peaceful” or “worry free”.)

Anyway, according to my personality tests, mom is a Perfectionist and a Big Picture Mom while dad is a Problem Solver and Analytical Dad. They love spending time together, hanging out in the backyard, and going out to restaurants. Before dad’s accident he was a big outdoors man and there are even pictures in the home with him holding huge snakes (ACK!)! Anyway, here are their images and there is a composite at the end that reflects their love of the outdoors and spending time together.







Last, but not least, Ali Lee was our awesome hair and make up artist who beautifully prepped mom and daughter for their portrait session. Thank you, Ali!


Love to you,


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