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The Caycho Family

The Caycho Family is super fun to hang out with. Mom and dad run a business called Automotive Key Guys and help with a toy library. Their kids are fun to play with and my boys are madly in love with play time with their boys.

Anyway, mom and dad both came out with “Big Picture” mom and dad scores at the Analytical dad. The Big Pictures ones are always easy to work with because they typically know themselves and their style pretty well. Their wardrobe personality quizzes came back with the same with “Creative” that is associated with a lot of colors, light and airy movements, and happiness.

Their family questionnaire came back with them focusing on lots of time outside and together as a family. These guys have some artistic roots and really enjoy being happy together – they love being outside and happy together so much that they purchased annual passes to Disney this year and have been enjoying the “happiest place on earth” almost weekly. 🙂

Anyway, so based off of all of that, we decided upon an outside session at a park. We drew on the sidewalk with some chalk, played, tickled, and then lastly swung on the swings for a surprise composited image that I created using a combination of six separate images (it’s the last one).

ChristineFam04 copy

ChristineFam06 copy

ChristineFam07 copy

ChristineFam08 copy

ChristineFam09 copy

ChristineFam10 copy

ChristineFam13 copy

ChristineFam14 copy

ChristineFam19 copy

ChristineFam21 copy

ChristineFam22 copy

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