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Fantastical Family Portraits

Our Process to Wow


We’ll go over your personality types and design your portrait based on what makes you passionate about life.


We’ll photograph everyone and everything we need in your portrait so we can have that as a reference for your painted masterpiece.


Compositing the image in photoshop puts together the pieces of the puzzle to create a framework for your painting.

Paint the Portrait

Oil or acrylic on canvas, using museum quality materials, is the medium of choice.

Frame the Portrait

Love a modern, classical, colorful, or even a frame fit for talking wizard portraits? We can handle that, using only museum quality frames of course.

Presentation Party... your home with your closest friends and family. You’re going to love this, why not share it with the world?!

Happy Family Portraits Where Everyone is Smiling

Have you always had a hard time getting your family together for family portraits? The boys complain that they have to look nice, your husband begrudgingly agrees to it, your daughter wants to dress up as a princess for it, and you’re frazzled on the day of the session trying to get everyone ready….and then you have to get yourself ready! It feels like a lot of work, right?

We Can Help!

Our method of creating family portraits celebrates each individual in your family for who they are and what they love. When everyone is excited to work together to create a fun scene that represents you all…no one begrudgingly comes into this! In fact, they rave over how easy and fun this whole process was! Oh, and don’t worry about yourself on the day of your session, mama, I have your back with a small team to get you ready! So, sit back and relax, it’s time to create a beautiful work of art around your awesome family!

Three finishes to choose from so your family can enjoy the kind of art they love!

No sitting fees, just shopping sprees! Pick the size and finish you love most and Isabel will create your custom piece of art that will stop your guests in their tracks when they come to your home (and may even make them laugh)!

$500 retainer due when the contract is signed, 50% due at your design appointment and the remainder at your presentation party.


36" Metals Begin at


  • Digitally Hand Painted
  • Great for businesses that need art that will survive the elements
  • Sizes available from 36" through 60"


30" Mixed Medias Begin at

Mixed Media

  • Digitally Hand Painted
  • Acrylic brush strokes light enough to still see the digital painting underneath
  • Sizes available from 30" through 60"


40" Mixed Medias Begin at


  • Acrylic or Oil on Canvas
  • The entire canvas is covered in paint
  • Sizes available from 40" through 70"

Our Other Ways to Wow

Because Why Should You Limit Yourself?

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