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Family Portraits

Family Portraits Process


We’ll go over your personality types (you can take our quiz above if you want to come extra prepared) and design your portrait session based on what makes your family passionate about life.


We’ll photograph everyone and everything we need in your portraits in an environment you love so it feels like it's just one big play date. (If you also including a fantastical portrait to your session, we'll photograph those items during this time too.) We normally do this in the morning and leave you with some snacks as you head out to lunch.

Presentation & Purchasing Appointment

We'll get together that afternoon for your presentation and purchasing appointment. Isabel will guide you through choosing the best portraits for your home and gifts.

Deliver Your Portraits

Four weeks later, Isabel will deliver your portraits to your home! It will feel just like Christmas, promise!

Painted Portrait

Those who have also ordered a fantastical painted portrait will have a reveal party at their home where Isabel will hang the painting with a satin cloth to keep it covered until it's ready to be removed for everyone to see the unique-to-you painted portrait.

Side Note

If you are interested in a painted fantastical portrait, you must let us know at your consultation. These cannot be created after the portrait session, unless you'd like to book two different portrait sessions. 🙂

Family Portrait Session

We are currently transitioning over from portrait photography to just fantastically painted portraits. If you have been wanting to book a family portrait session, this is your last chance to get that in! We have special collections available for those who want to upgrade to a painted portrait, but these will all disappear in December 2018…so now is the time to book!

Fantastically Painted Portraits

You loved our composited family portraits that fit your family’s personality, but you went head over heels for our fantastically painted versions of those! We heard your praises and are transitioning over to only creating those personality based fantastical paintings. In the meantime, if you’d like to snag a one of a kind painted portrait, you can combine a photographed family portrait session with a painted portrait all together in one fantastic collection. These special collections disappear in December 2018….so now is the time to book!

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