My name is Isabel.

I’m a personality tested family portrait photographer for those who love their family, but don’t love being photographed.

If you’re here looking to purchase my first set of personality tests I use with my clients to get to know them better by learning their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to preparing for a portrait session go here and use the code IAMAWESOME to save 50% off your quiz(zes) for the first 50 who purchase them!

If you don’t like reading check out this recorded interview I did with Tiffinbox about the personality quizzes!

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When I started out, I was terrible at getting to know a brand new potential client who sat in my office looking for a photographer. The conversation was awkward, I had a book that I used to guide people through my process as we spoke but EVERYONE wanted the book and it was way too expensive to give to each potential client, and it felt like it took forever to figure out what the potential client was looking for! Sometimes, I didn’t ever figure out what exactly they wanted and they left and I never heard from them again.

Something had to change.

I bought selling books, spoke with salesmen friends, looked up everything I could about selling on google, and I felt like a failure who couldn’t get this figured out.

I eventually found out that some sales people would try and learn about a client’s personality type based on what they wore to the meeting or how they spoke. I decided to delve into that a little more only to find out that it was a very un-exacting science. The scientist in me needed precision.

So, I developed a test that helped me understand a complete stranger and be able to sell to her like an old friend. I then adapted this test for her spouse and again for their high school senior child. It then evolved for the business professionals and the boudoir clients until I came up with the 12 tests I now have for each style of portrait photography that us portrait artists can specialize in.

This test teaches me about each client’s strengths and weaknesses around a portrait session and how to work through them so their strengths shine and their weaknesses get the help they need.

I’ve been using these quizzes since 2010 and they are still my go-to item to use when I’m selling to a new client.

Back when I used to do in studio consultants before a portrait session, my clients would fill these quizzes out while I’d run and grab them a snack. That way, our entire consultation actually started with me knowing my client way better than with trying to use small talk (I’ve seriously never been awesome at small talk!).

These quizzes are now available here. You can choose to purchase and download a portrait or wedding photography type that you specialize in, or if you photograph several different types and want them all the Master Collection is for you.

With a single specialization I have these quizzes available: Boudoir/Glamour Portraits, Family Portraits, Pet Family Portraits, Headshots, Weddings, and High School Seniors & Their Parents.

Once you purchase your quiz, you will download a zip file that will contain your legal release, a .PDF overview of the whole system, a .PDF overview of the quizzes you purchased, a .PDF with suggestions for selling to each buyer personality type, editable .PSD files that you can change to your branding’s colors and include your logo on each page of the quiz, and a link to a Facebook page where you can ask me questions you have about the quizzes (I’ll pop in there a few times a week to answer anything that’s posted).

May your clients see how much you adore them and want to personalize their experience with you!

Wishing you success,


Click here to purchase your quiz(zes) and use the code IAMAWESOME to save 50% off your quiz(zes) for the first 50 who purchase them. 🙂

And for those of you who are interested in a facebook page about these…it’s here. 🙂