Isabel Azalia Photography » Personality tested family portraits for those who love their family, but don't love being photographed in Orlando FL.


Here is a small portfolio of different families based on their experience they chose and their personality tests.

The Caycho Family

This is an example of “The Guided Experience at a price that invites” with a special composited image created due to the uniqueness of their personality tests and family questionnaire. This family’s parents tested as Creatives. Mom is a Big Picture mom and dad is an Analytical dad. In their family questionnaire, they expressed a lot of love for the whole family spending time together, they are not formal people, and they love to be outdoors. So, we had a session at the park where they spent time drawing on the sidewalk, playing together, swinging together, and laughing together. The last image is a composite that is reflective of the family’s happy spirit that loves to be together outside. Enjoy!




The Nethers’ girls

This is an example of a “Mini Guided Experience at a price that invites” from a “Celebrate Mother’s” themed session. Mom scored high as an Imaginative mom and is a Peacemaker. This is actually a very rare combination for me as most of my clients fall into the other three categories with “Problem Solvers” as my highest number of clients. The questionnaire came back with mom’s focus right now being all about her little daughter, enjoying their time together, and making sure her daughter learns so very much about how she is loved and how awesome this world is.


The Lobos Family

This is an example of “The Concierge Experience”. Mom scored high as a Perfectionist and a Big Picture Mom, dad scored high as a Problem Solver and an Analytical Dad. Dad is a quadriplegic and mom feels guilty for not having family portraits made because they have been to many different photographers trying to have a family portrait created where dad’s wheelchair isn’t the focus of the photographer. In their family questionnaire, they expressed a lot of love for the outdoors (especially dad), their family spending time together going out to eat, playing soccer/jumping on the trampoline/swimming in the backyard, and making sure that each individual child has his or her individuality shine through his or her life. The composited image at the end was created to reflect dad’s love of the outdoors and their family’s love of eating out.




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