After using my first personality quiz for a few years to get to know my clients’ selling styles, I discovered that different personality types preferred different ways to dress themselves!

I put together a quiz that immediately showed me how they would like to dress so I could help them dress themselves from their own closets before a portrait session. Many photographers were intrigued by this quiz and wanted it, but didn’t want to drive to their clients’ homes and dress them themselves. So, I put together a style guide that leads the client through all of these decisions that I make when I am in their home. If you want to know more in video form, look below. If you want to know more with just words…keep scrolling down.

If you’re ready to purchase this style guide…. use code IAMAWESOME to take 50% off this guide (for some reason mobile devices can’t click on the link so here’s the link for you to copy and paste for the first 50 who purchase it!


This style guide includes:

– The quiz that I use to know how to dress my mom clients according to their personalities

– A style spread to learn what kind of style mom has

– A body type page that goes over positive ways to dress mom according to her body type

– A page that puts it all together and gets mom thinking about what outfits would be best for her

– All of the above, but for dad

– A kid page for parents to figure out each child’s personality type

– A page with hints to help them choose better clothes and style for the session itself

– Color combos pages to help mom tie everyone’s choices together for a cohesive look

– Extra color wheel pages for photographers with super creative clients. The super creatives will enjoy these pages more than the color combos pages that will feel “restrictive” to them.

– Video explanation of the guide with me showing how I use my own guide

– .PDF with sample emails to various types of clients explaining why you are using this style guide and why it’s important for the client to use it PLUS extra hints for what to look for in each personality type so you can create images to their personality and likeness

– Everything is made in .PSD so you can completely edit and re-arrange this guide to what works best for you and your clients

– .PSD files are in Mag Cloud sized smaller magazines, making it easy for you to print one at a time as you figure out what works best for your clients (or you can send them a digital version)

– Link to a private Facebook page where you can ask questions


AND just like last time, use code IAMAWESOME to take 50% off this guide for the first 50 who buy it!