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Paige & Briana

We’re getting ready for Mother’s Day over here! We’re partnering with the awesome Kelly & Kayden in Windermere for Limited Edition Mother’s Day sessions and we did a test shoot last week with Paige and Briana.

Miss Briana is a baby and needed a nap, so we did this pretty quickly…but I think you will love it! OH and her mom’s (Paige’s) hair and make-up were done by the fabulous Ana Crane! (We don’t have hair and make-up included in the limited edition sessions, we were just doing something nice for Paige that day…)

Paige is a fabulous wedding planner and kindergarten teacher. She’s an Imaginative Mom and a Peacemaker. I’ve never photographed an Imaginative mom as most of my moms test as Big Picture or Analytical moms and I get very few Peacemakers for clients…so this was a treat! We dressed Paige in soft, muted colors to reflect the core of her personality and mostly focused on her relationship with her tired baby. Briana was styled by Kelly herself at Kelly & Kayden and we went with a pretty dress that coordinated with mom very well.

I’m very excited to photograph them in the future when more of Briana’s personality is out and about, I think there are really cool things that we could do with Imaginative moms…I’ve always envisioned them as the sky literally being their limit since they are so creative!


PBCM01 copy

PBCM03 copy

PBCM04 copy

Paige wrote on her family questionnaire that they love reading stories together, especially before bed. So, we did a little story time on the grass.

PBCM05 copy

PBCM06 copy

PBCM07 copy

Now, the Limited Edition Sessions don’t include one of my typical composites that is based upon the two personality tests and the family questionnaire. However, it does involve a smaller composite that is way less time consuming. Here is theirs:

PaigeBrianaArtistsChoice copy

If you are interested in scheduling a limited edition session to celebrate the mother in your life…click on over here!

Thank you Briana & Paige!





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