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  • Sarah Meisberger

    ...The entire experience from first email to final order was awesome, easy and an absolute blast. Even mid-shoot when my then 4 year old son had a meltdown (modeling isn't easy), Isa took it all in stride and worked with us until he was better. Surprisingly, the best picture (the one now on canvas above my mother's fireplace mantel) was post meltdown! Isa is easy to work with and one of my favorite people in general. I honestly cannot recommend her enough!

  • Sher Sanchez

    I loved it! It was stress free and you were able to make it about us as a family and not "working around Mauro's wheelchair". We loved the results!

  • Leslie Vest-Hughes

    ...Isabel has a unique gift for capturing the personality and energy of those she photographs. She is organized and efficient, yet takes her time ensuring she gets on film what you want. She met with us ahead of time, walking us through the process, prepping us for what to bring and wear, so that our photos gave a true glimpse into our family. One of the photos Isabel took of our daughter is my favorite picture of her, and you just can't put a price on that!

  • Chanda Torres

    Isabel is wonderful to work with. She is creative, passionate and provides excellent customer service through her personal connections.

Growing up, I never had the patience for clothes shopping. Never. It was always too much work and way too much fuss. I was never inspired by the clothes and I’d just take what fit and wasn’t too freakin’ uncomfortable.

As I grew into adulthood, I discovered that there are tons of us walking around with my same issues even into their adult life! I’ve met women who dress in all black when they go to work so they’ll be taken “seriously” because they are so bubbly that they just can’t make themselves feel like a grown up. One of these women I met even had the hardest time finding a job for a long time because the people interviewing her felt like she was “fake”. Well, she wasn’t – she just didn’t know that it was okay for her to be herself. Jeez. That sucks!

Anyway, as I kept on experimenting with my business I’ve discovered that my own clients are so very much like me. And me being the engineer that I am, I had to figure out a solution for this. What came from this problem? Well, two different solutions.

The first came in the form of a personality test. It teaches me how you think so I can speak directly to your needs and wants during a session. The second actually teaches me about how to dress you according to the core of your personality. I found out about it after studying many different personality types and quizzes and since none of my clients want to take this same amount of time to figure this out themselves…I figured out another way to get the answers I needed. It’s been incredibly fascinating to learn all of these things about my clients up front before we even get to the nitty-gritty of their portrait session.

If you are interested in learning about how to dress yourself for a portrait session, you can download the test for free by singing up for my email community on the home page. After you sign up, you’ll be redirected to a page with the download link.

Cheers for what makes you, you!





We’re getting ready for Mother’s Day over here! We’re partnering with the awesome Kelly & Kayden in Windermere for Limited Edition Mother’s Day sessions and we did a test shoot last week with Paige and Briana.

Miss Briana is a baby and needed a nap, so we did this pretty quickly…but I think you will love it! OH and her mom’s (Paige’s) hair and make-up were done by the fabulous Ana Crane! (We don’t have hair and make-up included in the limited edition sessions, we were just doing something nice for Paige that day…)

Paige is a fabulous wedding planner and kindergarten teacher. She’s an Imaginative Mom and a Peacemaker. I’ve never photographed an Imaginative mom as most of my moms test as Big Picture or Analytical moms and I get very few Peacemakers for clients…so this was a treat! We dressed Paige in soft, muted colors to reflect the core of her personality and mostly focused on her relationship with her tired baby. Briana was styled by Kelly herself at Kelly & Kayden and we went with a pretty dress that coordinated with mom very well.

I’m very excited to photograph them in the future when more of Briana’s personality is out and about, I think there are really cool things that we could do with Imaginative moms…I’ve always envisioned them as the sky literally being their limit since they are so creative!


PBCM01 copy

PBCM03 copy

PBCM04 copy

Paige wrote on her family questionnaire that they love reading stories together, especially before bed. So, we did a little story time on the grass.

PBCM05 copy

PBCM06 copy

PBCM07 copy

Now, the Limited Edition Sessions don’t include one of my typical composites that is based upon the two personality tests and the family questionnaire. However, it does involve a smaller composite that is way less time consuming. Here is theirs:

PaigeBrianaArtistsChoice copy

If you are interested in scheduling a limited edition session to celebrate the mother in your life…click on over here!

Thank you Briana & Paige!






The Caycho Family is super fun to hang out with. Mom and dad run a business called Automotive Key Guys and help with a toy library. Their kids are fun to play with and my boys are madly in love with play time with their boys.

Anyway, mom and dad both came out with “Big Picture” mom and dad scores at the Analytical dad. The Big Pictures ones are always easy to work with because they typically know themselves and their style pretty well. Their wardrobe personality quizzes came back with the same with “Creative” that is associated with a lot of colors, light and airy movements, and happiness.

Their family questionnaire came back with them focusing on lots of time outside and together as a family. These guys have some artistic roots and really enjoy being happy together – they love being outside and happy together so much that they purchased annual passes to Disney this year and have been enjoying the “happiest place on earth” almost weekly. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, so based off of all of that, we decided upon an outside session at a park. We drew on the sidewalk with some chalk, played, tickled, and then lastly swung on the swings for a surprise composited image that I created using a combination of six separate images (it’s the last one).

ChristineFam04 copy

ChristineFam06 copy

ChristineFam07 copy

ChristineFam08 copy

ChristineFam09 copy

ChristineFam10 copy

ChristineFam13 copy

ChristineFam14 copy

ChristineFam19 copy

ChristineFam21 copy

ChristineFam22 copy


Miss Elisheba is now 1 year old. She celebrated her birthday with one of the worst stomach bugs this household has ever seen, and it was SOOOOOO not pretty! Then, 2 more fell to the stomach bug and we just wanted to cry. It was awful awful stuff.

Anyway, she finally did feel better enough to eat her little chocolate cupcake a little late to celebrate her very first birthday. She was full of smiles and happiness and we discovered that she’s also a little chocolate lover! We love this cute little girl so much and she completely has her daddy tied and wrapped all around her littlest finger.


To celebrate her first birthday I am offering all sessions fees for free with a $100 retainer for your session. You’ll get the retainer back when it’s time to purchase portraits.

With so much love for you,



I put out the call on social media earlier this year for a few “Mommy & Me” sessions. The response was fantastic and I wanted to show off one of them now. This is Jennifer and her little tiny cutie pie (who is loved and spoiled like crazy, but that’s what babies are made for – right?). ๐Ÿ˜€ We went to Kraft Azalea Gardens for this adorable photo shoot.

JJ&E05 copyJJ&E06 copyJJ&E07 copyJJ&E01 copyJJ&E10 copyJJ&E11 copy

A big thanks to Jennifer for sharing her cutie pie with me so we could make these mommy & baby portraits and to Ana Crane for rocking Jennifer’s hair and make-up that day!

With love,