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Fallon ~ a high school senior

I met Fallon a few years ago and she’s this really impressive person. She’s wicked smart, has an incredible head on her shoulders, and is proof that no matter what life throws at you – you can step on every single one of those things life throws at you and use them as stairs to your real destination.

She’s been going make-up-less for the past few months as part of her desire to just accept being herself. I really believe all of us females need to go through a period like this in life where we really take the time and attention to get to know ourselves for who we’ve been made to be AND learn to love ourselves. After all, we are created masterpieces.

Anyway, Fallon tested in between an Analytical high school senior and a Big Picture high school senior. She’ll probably shift to Big Picture with in the next couple of years. She also tested as a Creative. I took the pieces of her journey, her personality tests, and created two composites for her in the end. I think these images really do a great job showing off her amazing-ness. I hope you enjoy them too. (OH and her hair and make-up was done by the awesome Ana Crane!)

FallonSeniorYear01 copy

FallonSeniorYear02 copy

FallonSeniorYear04 copy

FallonSeniorYear05 copy

FallonSeniorYear09 copyFallonSeniorYear11 copy

FallonSeniorYear14 copy

I’m particularly proud of the below image. I feel that it does a great job depicting her “break through” the “walls” in her life and the beauty and greatness that is on the other side.

FallonSeniorYear15 copy

She loves fields of flowers and hasn’t seen snow yet…so I thought I’d give her both for these images.

FallonSeniorYear16 copy

With love,


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