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    We're so glad you are here! My name is Isabel and I am a personality tested family portrait photographer for those who love their family, but don't love being photographed.

    I know how difficult it is to get three children and your husband ready for a family portrait session...that sometimes you just give up and say you'll try again next year when life isn't so hectic. Only, now it's been three years and it really is time to get these portraits made!

    I now have three experiences available for the level of "hand holding" that would be best for you. If you're ready to learn more, start here.

    With love,


The Lobos family was a very unexpected client and I’ll tell you why. Mom called me asking for just a little limited edition session at first, but then when I explained to her all that I do…she booked a full stress free session with me.

You see, her husband is a quadriplegic and they have tried to have family portraits made before, but the other photographers were so focused on dad’s wheel chair that they never really captured the family’s spirit (which runs so very much deeper and wider than some little stinking wheel chair). Anyway, I’d be lying to you if I told you I thought the wheel chair would be a total breeze, but I did my research, studied up on so many different ways to pose them, and also put them through my personality tests and family questionnaire to get to know them. In the end, they were super happy and mom was so grateful that she finally had her “stress free” family portrait session with images that she LOVED afterwards. (That is actually why my top session is called “stress free” 70% of my own clients call it that and the other 30% call it “peaceful” or “worry free”.)

Anyway, according to my personality tests, mom is a Perfectionist and a Big Picture Mom while dad is a Problem Solver and Analytical Dad. They love spending time together, hanging out in the backyard, and going out to restaurants. Before dad’s accident he was a big outdoors man and there are even pictures in the home with him holding huge snakes (ACK!)! Anyway, here are their images and there is a composite at the end that reflects their love of the outdoors and spending time together.







Last, but not least, Ali Lee was our awesome hair and make up artist who beautifully prepped mom and daughter for their portrait session. Thank you, Ali!


Love to you,



I met Fallon a few years ago and she’s this really impressive person. She’s wicked smart, has an incredible head on her shoulders, and is proof that no matter what life throws at you – you can step on every single one of those things life throws at you and use them as stairs to your real destination.

She’s been going make-up-less for the past few months as part of her desire to just accept being herself. I really believe all of us females need to go through a period like this in life where we really take the time and attention to get to know ourselves for who we’ve been made to be AND learn to love ourselves. After all, we are created masterpieces.

Anyway, Fallon tested in between an Analytical high school senior and a Big Picture high school senior. She’ll probably shift to Big Picture with in the next couple of years. She also tested as a Creative. I took the pieces of her journey, her personality tests, and created two composites for her in the end. I think these images really do a great job showing off her amazing-ness. I hope you enjoy them too. (OH and her hair and make-up was done by the awesome Ana Crane!)

FallonSeniorYear01 copy

FallonSeniorYear02 copy

FallonSeniorYear04 copy

FallonSeniorYear05 copy

FallonSeniorYear09 copyFallonSeniorYear11 copy

FallonSeniorYear14 copy

I’m particularly proud of the below image. I feel that it does a great job depicting her “break through” the “walls” in her life and the beauty and greatness that is on the other side.

FallonSeniorYear15 copy

She loves fields of flowers and hasn’t seen snow yet…so I thought I’d give her both for these images.

FallonSeniorYear16 copy

With love,



Hi Friends!

So, here’s something fun I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It’s a Limited Edition Session and I’ll be partnering up with Kelly & Kayden in Windermere.

Anyway, I’ve been having so much fun since switching over to everything being “personality based” that I thought I’d have fun with this with just the kids for this session. You know when your kid is running through the house swinging his lightsaber like he is truly fighting Darth Vader and you just wish you could see what’s in his head at that moment? Well, we’re going to bring that to life! I know my children have amazing imaginations, so I’m sure yours do too, and they only have that for so long until it loses its “coolness factor”. So, let’s capture it now!


My boys are really into Harry Potter right now and basically want to live at Universal. I’ve never used them to market my business before, so I thought I’d do it now. Here’s what their awesome fantasy is and they fell in love when they saw the actual “magic” in their image! (They love the wand duels that happen in the forbidden forest in Harry Potter.)

Yeah, so if you are interested in a super fun fantasy Limited Edition Session, go over here to read more or give Isabel a call 407-756-8094 to reserve your child’s spot! (We’re only making 12 available.)


Love to you,




Growing up, I never had the patience for clothes shopping. Never. It was always too much work and way too much fuss. I was never inspired by the clothes and I’d just take what fit and wasn’t too freakin’ uncomfortable.

As I grew into adulthood, I discovered that there are tons of us walking around with my same issues even into their adult life! I’ve met women who dress in all black when they go to work so they’ll be taken “seriously” because they are so bubbly that they just can’t make themselves feel like a grown up. One of these women I met even had the hardest time finding a job for a long time because the people interviewing her felt like she was “fake”. Well, she wasn’t – she just didn’t know that it was okay for her to be herself. Jeez. That sucks!

Anyway, as I kept on experimenting with my business I’ve discovered that my own clients are so very much like me. And me being the engineer that I am, I had to figure out a solution for this. What came from this problem? Well, two different solutions.

The first came in the form of a personality test. It teaches me how you think so I can speak directly to your needs and wants during a session. The second actually teaches me about how to dress you according to the core of your personality. I found out about it after studying many different personality types and quizzes and since none of my clients want to take this same amount of time to figure this out themselves…I figured out another way to get the answers I needed. It’s been incredibly fascinating to learn all of these things about my clients up front before we even get to the nitty-gritty of their portrait session.

If you are interested in learning about how to dress yourself for a portrait session, you can download the test for free by singing up for my email community on the home page. After you sign up, you’ll be redirected to a page with the download link.

Cheers for what makes you, you!





We’re getting ready for Mother’s Day over here! We’re partnering with the awesome Kelly & Kayden in Windermere for Limited Edition Mother’s Day sessions and we did a test shoot last week with Paige and Briana.

Miss Briana is a baby and needed a nap, so we did this pretty quickly…but I think you will love it! OH and her mom’s (Paige’s) hair and make-up were done by the fabulous Ana Crane! (We don’t have hair and make-up included in the limited edition sessions, we were just doing something nice for Paige that day…)

Paige is a fabulous wedding planner and kindergarten teacher. She’s an Imaginative Mom and a Peacemaker. I’ve never photographed an Imaginative mom as most of my moms test as Big Picture or Analytical moms and I get very few Peacemakers for clients…so this was a treat! We dressed Paige in soft, muted colors to reflect the core of her personality and mostly focused on her relationship with her tired baby. Briana was styled by Kelly herself at Kelly & Kayden and we went with a pretty dress that coordinated with mom very well.

I’m very excited to photograph them in the future when more of Briana’s personality is out and about, I think there are really cool things that we could do with Imaginative moms…I’ve always envisioned them as the sky literally being their limit since they are so creative!


PBCM01 copy

PBCM03 copy

PBCM04 copy

Paige wrote on her family questionnaire that they love reading stories together, especially before bed. So, we did a little story time on the grass.

PBCM05 copy

PBCM06 copy

PBCM07 copy

Now, the Limited Edition Sessions don’t include one of my typical composites that is based upon the two personality tests and the family questionnaire. However, it does involve a smaller composite that is way less time consuming. Here is theirs:

PaigeBrianaArtistsChoice copy

If you are interested in scheduling a limited edition session to celebrate the mother in your life…click on over here!

Thank you Briana & Paige!